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Here is the Video in Action!!!!!

Built for business
HTC Sense 2.5.2012
Current Tabs:
  • Home Tab-Displays the date and time, weather, the time the next alarm is set for, missed calls, and the next appointment. It also shows three quick links to programs, contacts or bookmarks. Flicking the quick links upwards reveals all nine quick links. as well as an rssfeed link
  • Programs - this is the Programs tab ported from the Qilin Manila 2.6 (Manila_Programs_2.6.19192728.0) for use on Manila 2.5. set as default start menu
  • People - Shows pictures of contacts in a 3x5 grid, of which the first 9 are visible. The photo can be clicked for performing the default action, like calling or sending an SMS or e-mail. The name can be clicked to open the contact, which shows the name and picture. Below is a slider for five screens:
    • Details - Further contact options like other phone numbers to call or send an sms to, e-mail addresses to mail to, and addresses to look up on Google Maps.
    • Messages - All SMS/MMS messages sent between you and the contact
    • Email - All e-mail received from the contact
    • Updates and Events - Facebook updates and new events related to the contact
    • Call History - All calls between you and the contact
  • Messages - Displays received text messages that fly on and off screen. with HTC Messaging Client

  • Call History - filter through missed, outgoing, and incoming calls.
  • Today Screen- Use your own today plugins as well

  • Intenet Media- Internet TV Player, Internet Radio Player, Able to run “FM Radio, youtube,and slacker radio” from tab.  Able to run other media players from tab. (S2P, Nitrogen,WM Player,TCPMP and CorePlayer), From Registery entry, able to modify the path of media players according to your installation., Able to jump Stock “Music Tab and Sprint TV”

  • GPS-- Work with the GPS module without using of third-party navigation software, Determination of current position , Determination of parameters of motion of the object by the reckoning between the current and previous points, Determination of directions and distances to the given calculation points, Record tracks (routes) in automatic and manual control modes in the format Yandex and Google maps with further viewing in Yandex Maps and Google Earth , Analysis of the tracks (the specified distance route, maximum, and average speed on the route and time of movement on the route), Work with the considering points (tags in the format of Yandex and Google map) , Sending SMS with your coordinates in the automatic and manual modes to a given number , Set the maximum speed and control the speed while driving with the gradation of the fine. Added Other Software menu
  • Sprint Navigation- full access to sprint navigation
  • Sprint TV- have access to sprint tv
  • Facebook- fully update status, view and stay intune with friend
  • RSSFEED (Coming SOON)
  • EReader- read all e-books from EPUB. downloadable from my DROPBOX. includes Ebook Indexer
  • Mail - Displays received email messages, from up to 4 different email accounts as prints stacked on a pile. Individual emails may be flipped through, flying off the screen.
  • Internet - Displays a link to open the Opera web browser, bookmarks to favorite websites, and a built-in YouTube application. Includes Opera 10
  • Calendar - Displays a calendar in agenda, day, week, month or year view. Tapping any box will open the relevant day, displaying a list of appointments for that day.
  • Stock - Displays graphs and quotes for user-selected companies. If a stock is touched, a screen with additional info and graphs opens with a link to the relevant Yahoo finance page.
  • Photos and Videos - Shows photos and videos that can be flipped through, and buttons to launch the camera to take pictures and to record video. Placing the phone in a landscape orientation causes photos and videos to be slown in a Cover Flow-like view.
  • Music - Displays cover art of music that flips through in a linear format. Music can be played directly from the tab, and can be forwarded/rewound by touching the progress slider. Cover art can be automatically downloaded, and rotating the phone to a landscape orientation will cause the albums to be shown in a Cover Flow-like view. The library, which can be accessed pressing the Left Softkey, also uses the scrollbar interface to allow users to sort music by: Now Playing, Artists, Albums, Playlists, All Songs, Genres, Composers, Purchased
  • Footprints lets you geotag and add text and sound recordings to photos to create a scrapbook of places visited.
  • Recent Documents shows previews of, and provides fast access to, recent documents saved on the device and received as email attachments. Like the Music tab, placing the phone in a landscape orientation provides a Cover Flow-like view of the documents, and pressing the left softkey allows users to sort documents by:  Title, Recent, Type, Received, Sender
  • Twitter shows a stream of the latest Twitter tweets. Like the Music tab, by pressing the left softkey users can view:  All Tweets, Mentions, Direct Messages, Favorites
  • Weather - Displays weather for up to 10 cities selected from a predefined list, including a 5-day forecast. Additional cities can be added by disabling TouchFLO and editing the weather database.
  • Settings - Provides access to the following system settings:
    • Personalize - Home tab wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper, home screen tabs, font and vibration.
    • Wireless controls - to turn Airplane Mode, Phone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Direct Push e-mail, Data connection, Wi-Fi Router and 3G on/off and to configure them.
    • Sound & Display - to change the ringtone and profile settings, backlight and to calibrate the G-sensor.
    • Data services - to configure ActiveSync, Stockes, Weather, Internet time sync, Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and E-mail.
    • Location - to configure Assisted GPS.
    • Security - to configure encryption, certificates, and the way the phone locks and to initiate a factory reset.
    • Application - to remove applications and configure managed applications.
    • SD card & phone storage - To display the amount of storage used and free
    • Date & time - To set date, local time and time format.
    • Locale & text - To set language, region and text input options.
    • Error reporting - To enable or disable error reporting to microsoft.
    • Other - Uploader, Car Kit Mode, USB to PC settings.
    • About phone - Phone identity and IMEI number, hardware and software information, battery status and copyright information.
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